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Line wall board bed


Our new Line Wall Board Bed is a great addition to any bedroom. Allowing you to add a touch of elegance and glamour to the room.

Black Crushed Velvet
Blue Crushed Velvet
Champagne Crushed Velvet
Chenille Black
Chenille Brown
Chenille Charcoal
Chenille Cream
Chenille Maroon
Chenille mink
Chenille Red
Chenille Stone
Chenille Teal
Cream Crushed Velvet
Gold Crushed Velvet
Ice Crushed Velvet
Plush Velvet Black
Plush Velvet Brown
Plush Velvet Burgundy
Plush Velvet Champagne
Plush Velvet Cream
Plush Velvet Gold
Plush Velvet Gray
Plush Velvet Mocha
Plush Velvet Optic White
Plush Velvet Red
Plush Velvet Silver
Plush Velvet Slate
Plush Velvet Teal
Purple Crushed Velvet
Silver Crushed Velvet
Teal Crushed Velvet
Truffle Crushed Velvet
White Crushed Velvet
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